June 18, 2014

About the event

Thank you for visiting the official fundraising page for Line Up For LOROS!


Our family has unfortunately, like many others have unfortunately needed to use LOROS when a loved one was sick.  Conversely, we have all been extremely fortunate that organisations such as LOROS are there when we need them.  Plain and simple.  We support them, because we never know when we might need their support.

Additionally, with choosing a local charity to raise funds for, your donation will go directly to the care of their patients and families, not the Marketing and PR machines that are associated with morr well known, mainstream charities.   Of course, funding for them is still as vital as it is for LOROS.  It’s always nice to support local people. So to answer the question, why not LOROS?

What is LUFL

LUFL was bourne out of frustration partly.  I don’t swim, cycle, walk or indeed do any of the “traditional” fund raising activities.  The frustration comes from wanting to help but not sure how to.  Then the idea came.  Hire out the local village hall and put on an evening of entertainment with the audacious task of raising £1,000 on the night.  The rest as they say is history……